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Inexpensive Call Tracking for Google Analytics™

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Key Features & Benefits

Easy Call Tracker support is outstanding. Very reliable and friendly. I’d rate their customer service 5 stars! Chris Araldi, PPC Consultant

Easy Call Tracker is a simple solution that creates real-time events for incoming sales calls directly in Google Analytics™. It is extremely easy to setup, but should you ever need help the U.S. based customer support is top notch. Outside of initial setup or configuring additional numbers, this tool is completely hands-off. You configure goals to count only calls that exceed a specified duration as conversions. It provides the data you want, where you want it, and for a very low cost.

On your website Easy Call Tracker will automatically display a unique phone number for each of the various traffic sources you want to measure call data from. The level of detail is up to you. Using Google Analytics UTM parameters, you can trigger unique tracking numbers for each campaign, ad group, email, brochure, billboard, etc. In addition to source tracking, this tool is great for setting up experiments and A/B testing landing page call conversion rates.

All tracking numbers forward to your phone number and call details are available directly in Google Analytics in real-time as well as in more detail (including call recordings) within Easy Call Tracker’s own convenient reporting system.

  • Online Call Tracking – Measure calls from sources you choose including PPC, SEO, banner ads, emails, referrals, direct, etc
  • Offline Call Tracking – Measure calls from direct mail, billboards, commercials, brochures, etc
  • A/B Test Call Tracking – Compare conversion rates of different landing pages
  • Google Analytics Integration – View call data in GA reports and dashboards
  • Filter Call Data – Only count calls as leads in GA that last over a specified number of seconds
  • Call Recording – Playback calls for quality control and training
  • Instant Setup – Add, remove or configure tracking phone numbers within minutes
  • Lots of Number Options – Local, toll-free and international numbers available


  • Starting from: $9.95/month – Activate today and get a $500 credit for your first 60 days!
  • Pricing model: Based on usage
  • Phone numbers: Local $2/month, Toll-free $4/month
  • Minutes: Local $0.045/min, Toll-free $0.085/min – 100 minutes free per month
  • Free Trial: 30 days


  • Questions? Call (866) 926-4336