Report Phone Calls from Your Websites & Ads

  • Online Call Tracking – Measure calls from sources you choose including PPC, SEO, banner ads, emails, referrals, etc

  • Offline Call Tracking – Measure calls from direct mail, billboards, commercials, brochures, etc

  • Dynamic Phone Number Insertion – Track calls down to the keyword level

  • A/B Testing – Compare call conversion rates of different landing pages

  • Google Analytics Integration – View call data in GA reports and dashboards in real-time

  • Filter Call Data – Only count calls as leads in GA that last over a specified number of seconds

  • Call Recording – Playback calls for quality control and training

  • Instant Setup – Add, remove or configure tracking phone numbers within minutes

  • Lots of Number Options – Local, toll-free and international numbers available

Increase conversions and spend your marketing budget more efficiently by knowing which marketing sources your phone leads and sales are actually coming from.

A La Carte Pricing

(###) Local Starter
$9.95 + usage
  • Add local numbers:
    (1 free/month)
  • Cost/minute:
    $0.045 local
    (100 free/month)
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1(8##) Toll-Free Starter
$14.95 + usage
  • Add toll-free numbers:
    (1 free/month)
  • Cost/minute:
    $0.085 toll-free
    (100 free/month)
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$$$% Agency Account
Best Rates
in the industry
  • Special pricing:
    Based on usage
    (volume discounts)
  • White Label Option:
    Offer as service
    under your own brand
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  • "Our reporting has become substantially more comprehensive and useful... Before Easy Call Tracker, we were only measuring contact form submits, but now we know exactly where our best leads are coming from. Analytics Importer has allowed us to associate cost data, so we now evaluate traffic sources based on the actual cost/lead instead of conversion rate."

    - Jim Lutz, President of Vaya Adventures

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