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  • Do you offer monthly invoicing or only credit card billing?

    We offer monthly billing via credit card or PayPal. You can select your payment method from the Edit Payment Info page.

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About Power My Analytics


Q: What is Power My Analytics?

A: We are a solution for providing Google and 3rd-party data (Facebook, Bing, MailChimp, etc.) into Data Studio and Google Analytics so that agencies and marketers can easily and cost-effectively report all of their data in one place.  We do the dirty work of piping the data to our clients’ dashboards so they spend their time taking action on the data and not assembling the data.

Q: What makes Power My Analytics different from their competitors, including Supermetrics?

A: One of our key differentiators are we are not a direct-connect to API’s.  We store data in our servers (the same Google servers used by Google Analytics, Data Studio and other Google products) so that the data is available at all times.  When Facebook or Bing’s API’s go down – we are still up.  Supermetrics and other services do not store your data, so your queries take longer to process due to the need to connect to the APIs and sometimes you will not get data due to API downtime or latency.

A:  Another key differentiator is our customer service.  We are US-based (international support coming soon) and will answer your phone calls and emails quickly and with dedicated support for all users.  We understand that our clients may need help to get their reports working to their needs and we pride ourselves with making sure everyone receives the support they need!

A:   We are self-funded.  We do not have any outside investors influencing our financial decisions.  What that means for our clients is we are not under pressure to raise prices, cut costs and change our services to pay off our creditors.  The end result is you can expect consistent service and peace of mind that we will be there for you.

Q: How Much Does Your Service Cost?

A: There is no cost to create an account with us.  We offer various pricing for our data connectors and details can be found here.

Q: Do I need to sign up for more than 1 month to use our services?

A: No. You can sign up and use our connectors and call tracking for as little as 1 month. Just cancel your subscription at any time.

Q: Why are the data connectors subscription services? Why can’t I just buy the data connectors in a one-time purchase?

A: Our connectors require that we create a database to store information on your website visitors and our cost depends on the size of the data we store for you. Since we store historical data for fast and always-available retrieval in your reports, this storage and data transfer has a cost. Power My Analytics puts all of the heavy lifting on our servers so you can focus on one thing – growing yours or your client’s profits.

Q: Do you have a newsletter?

A: If you’d like to recieve product updates, you can subscribe to our newsletter here.