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Q: What is

A: We are a community of analytics experts offering advice, professional services and subscription-based solutions to enhance your Google Analytics and Urchin reporting capabilities and report data. We go beyond analytics to places where they only dream of going!

Q: How Much Does Your Service Cost?

A: Membership to this site and many of our apps are free. Professional services and premium app pricing varies.

Q: Do I need to sign up for more than 1 month to try premium apps?

A: No. You can sign up and use our service for as little as 1 month. Just cancel your subscription at any time.

Q: Why are the premium apps subscription services? Why can’t I just buy the software in a one-time purchase?

A: Our solutions require that we create a database to store information on your website visitors and our cost depends on the size of the database. Since your visitors change over time, we cannot predict the lifetime cost of providing a one-time price. Also, since we use the Google Analytics API for many of our applications, we need to keep your database up-to-date with Google’s so selling you software would require regular updates that are hard to communicate and manage. Power My Analytics puts all of the heavy-lifting on our servers so you can focus on one thing – growing yours or your client’s profits.