Connect Any Data Source

Pull all your data sources together and compare the performance of campaigns like Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on the same Google Data Studio™ dashboards and Google Analytics ™ reports. Our most popular integrations are featured below, but we will build custom connectors for any platform you need.

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Track Phone Leads from Your Data Sources

Increase conversions and spend your marketing budget more efficiently by knowing which marketing sources your phone calls are actually coming from. Start tracking calls with our simple reporting interface, or integrate call data directly with Google Analytics™ and Google Data Studio™ in real-time. Top notch U.S. based customer support available if needed.

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  • "Power My Analytics has enabled us to be a game-changer when it comes to demonstrating to our clients the value we are generating for them. Our client dashboards are automated now, which is a first in the 30+ years we have been in business. We will save over $100k this year using Data Studio and Power My Analytics as our data provider for client dashboards."

    - Chris Rodman, SEM and Analytics Manager at Tambourine
  • "Power My Analytics has been instrumental in helping us bring in cost data from Facebook, Bing and LinkedIn to Google analytics. We've been able to go deeper with our business intelligence, ROI granularity, and reporting, driving better results and happier clients. We're very pleased with both the product and service from the team."

    - Gravity Internet Marketing
  • "Our reporting has become substantially more comprehensive and useful... Before Easy Call Tracker, we were only measuring contact form submits, but now we know exactly where our best leads are coming from. Analytics Importer has allowed us to associate cost data, so we now evaluate traffic sources based on the actual cost/lead instead of conversion rate."

    - Jim Lutz, President of Vaya Adventures
  • "Power My Analytics is a game-changer. It has been a lot easier to improve ROI now that we can actually see it in our reports. We have also found benefits in using call tracking for tying phone reservations with traffic sources. Power My Analytics support was very helpful in getting everything set up."

    - Tim Riedel, The Buena Vista Companies
  • "Power My Analytics immediately made our reports more valuable. Their support is amazing. Easy to reach and very friendly. Analytics Importer saves us time and has helped identify where our marketing budget is best spent."

    - Claus Guglberger, EAI Education

Why Power My Analytics

The performance of your internet marketing campaigns is impacted by the data you base your decisions on. To make confident and effective business decisions you need the right data, in the right place, at the right time.

Manual spreadsheets are error-prone and take up valuable time. Our platform automates your data collection so you can focus on taking action. With our connectors, you are always up-to-date and with complete data integrity.

Our customers include e-commerce websites, marketing agencies, lead gen businesses, local services, and affiliates.

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