Unlock it with an automated data hub.  Power My Analytics integrates the marketing metrics you need into your favorite data visualization, analytics, and spreadsheet tools.

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With data visualization, analytics and spreadsheet products from Google and Microsoft—we all have access to quality tools for data-driven decision making—the key is having reliable connections for the data sources and metrics you need at a price you can afford.

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Save time by skipping all the logins and manual data collection.  Avoid custom development costs.  Use a Power My Analytics data hub to automate the metrics you want.  With just a few clicks, your hub can connect to an array of sources allowing you to consolidate your marketing data into integrated dashboards, reports, and sheets.

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When connecting data through Power My Analytics, YOU are the hero.  Our hub instantly becomes your trusty sidekick with special abilities like backfilling of historic data, report outage protection, and insightful PMA-Pro Metrics all at no additional cost. Pricing starts as low as $9.95/month with Power My Analytics users saving an average of 40%-80% per year when compared to other solutions.

Unlimited report range/backfills

Report outage protection

Insightful PMA Pro-Metrics

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  • "Power my analytics really gives you a superpower! Although I am a beginner in using analytics I find this extremely easy to understand. I remain focused on the data while becoming familiar with every KPI. Thank you for making it easier while taking my first steps as a marketer."

    - Lila Gkaravela, Digital Strategist at epsilon-8

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