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Your Power My Analytics hub automatically integrates Google Data Studio with the Amazon MWS metrics you need, enabling you to create custom dashboards for making data-driven decisions. Automate and consolidate your marketing reports to save time and vizualize Amazon MWS data next to eBay, PayPal, Shopify, Stripe, Walmart and other sources. With tools like backfilling historic data and features like outage protection, your Power My Analytics hub is fully equiped to manage and deliver unlimited reporting with 99.9% uptime.

Report/Dashboard Preview

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Key Features

  • Easy set up process - Use your free trial to connect Amazon MWS with a few clicks

  • Unlimited Data Studio reports - Instantly create a customizable Amazon MWS dashboard with the "use report template" option

  • Ability to backfill data - Import historic Amazon MWS data for immediate insights

  • Outage protection - Speedy and reliable reporting even when the data source is down for maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which fields are available for import in Data Studio?

A: See our full list of Metrics and Dimensions for Amazon MWS.

Q: Why do the sales numbers in Data Studio not align with my Amazon Seller Central reports?

A: Discrepancies are generally due to either Pending orders or a time-zone mismatch. View our guide on Amazon Sales Data Issues for help.

Q: Why don't I see data in my Amazon Data Studio reports?

A: Amazon connectors take up to 24 hours to report data. If you do not see any data in your reports after 24 hours, please see our guide on Troubleshooting Amazon Connectors.

Q: I sell on multiple marketplaces (EU & US) across different countries. Can I get independent data for each county?

A: You can report sales by country. In order to report EU and NA (North America) sales, it would require 2 subscriptions: One for each marketplace.

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