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Your Power My Analytics hub automatically integrates Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel with the Microsoft Advertising metrics you need, enabling you to create custom dashboards for making data-driven decisions. Automate and consolidate your marketing reports to save time and visualize Microsoft Advertising data next to AdRoll, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics, LinkedIn Ads, and other sources. With tools like backfilling historic data and features like outage protection, your hub is fully equipped to manage and deliver unlimited reporting with 99.9% uptime.

Report Preview

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Key Features

  • Easy set up process - Use your free trial to connect Microsoft Advertising with a few clicks

  • Unlimited Data Studio reports - Instantly create a customizable Microsoft Advertising dashboard with the "use report template" option

  • Daily Google Analytics imports - See cost and ROI data in your acquisition reports

  • Daily Google Sheets/Microsoft Excel imports - Automate data collection in your spreadsheets

  • Ability to backfill data - Import historic Microsoft Advertising data for immediate insights

  • Outage protection - Speedy and reliable reporting even when the data source is down for maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which fields are available for import in Data Studio?

A: See our full list of Metrics and Dimensions for Microsoft Advertising.

Q: Do you have a template I can use for my reports?

A: We offer templates that are fully customizable and completely free. Simply check the "use report template" option when creating your data source in Data Studio. You can also make a copy of the sample template above, or any other template you come across on our website. Feel free to replace our logo with yours, or cut and paste the metrics you want into your own template designs.

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Connect Microsoft Advertising
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Easy and affordable

"With PowerMyAnalytics I've easily connected Facebook, Twitter, and Bing to Datastudio which is saving me reporting time every week :)" - Hajo de Bel

Power My Analytics - Great with Data Studio

"Tried both Power My Analytics and a competitor to import Bing data into Google Data Studio and it works great. Definitely interested in continuing this relationship after the trial period." - E-Commerce Marketing

Super easy to use

"Currently using Power My Analytics for Bing and Facebook. I had a question about how to connect a data source, and their customer service was very helpful. Super easy to use so far, would definitely recommend!" - April Griffith

We use Power My Analytics to connect Bing Ads with Google Data Studio

"We use Power My Analytics to connect Bing Ads data to Google Data Studio and so far it has been a seamless integration. Everything is reporting accurately and we could not be happier!" - Rochelle Chakraborty

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